News Roundup - Hour 2

November 5, 2010

The E.U. and the U.S. step up efforts to improve air cargo security. Greece continues to investigate a series of parcel bomb threats. And Brazil elects its first woman president. A panel of journalists joins guest host Frank Sesno for...

The Constitution Today: Voting

The Constitution Today: Voting

November 1, 2010

When the Founding Fathers crafted the Constitution, states had the power to decide who could vote. In our series, The Constitution Today, a look how national voting rights have evolved.

News Roundup - Hour 1

October 29, 2010

Spending on midterm elections approaches a record $4 billion dollars. President Obama continues to defend his achievements to voters. And banking giant Wells Fargo admits mistakes in thousands of foreclosures. A panel of journalists joins...

Patchwork Nation

Patchwork Nation

October 27, 2010

Red State. Blue State. The terms conjure up a simple image of the way Americans think, behave and vote. With midterm elections ahead, why it's important to view the U.S. as a patchwork nation of distinct communities with overlapping identities.

Juan Williams

October 26, 2010

Juan Williams is a political commentator for Fox News, and until last week he was also a news analyst for NPR. His comments on Fox's The O'Reilly Factor last week prompted a seemingly abrupt dismissal from NPR. Williams talks about his career, his roles as news analyst and commentator, and his reaction to the recent controversy over his dismissal from NPR.

News Roundup - Hour 1

October 22, 2010

President Obama campaigns in western states to rally Democrats. A federal appeals court keeps the Pentagon’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy intact for now. And Toyota issues another massive recall. A panel of journalists joins...

News Roundup - Hour 1

October 15, 2010

Both parties prepare for the final stretch of the midterm campaigns. A federal judge halts the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. And bank foreclosures reach a new high. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the...

News Roundup - Hour 1

October 8, 2010

The Justice Department and Congress look into allegations of improper foreclosures. U.S. deportations of immigrants climb to a record high. And new polls show several midterm races tightening. A panel of journalists on the week's top...

News Roundup - Hour 1

October 1, 2010

Congress wraps up early as lawmakers focus on the midterm elections, President Obama continues his backyard tour to rally Democratic supporters and Rahm Emanuel to announce whether he'll enter Chicago's mayoral race. A panel of journalists...

The Republican Agenda

September 29, 2010

Republican leaders have pledged to make dramatic legislative changes if they retake control of Congress in the midterm elections. The GOP's plans for tax cuts, deficit reduction, jobs creation and health care.

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