Shirley Tilghman

July 17, 2001

Diane talks with Dr. Shirley Tilghman, the new president of Princeton University and a renowned educator and genetic scientist. She talks with Diane about her career, her views on scientific research, education, and her plans as leader of...

Readers' Review: Anne Lamott's "Bird By Bird"

June 15, 2001

The title of Anne Lamott's popular writing guide refers to a childhood story about her brother, who was overwhelmed by an upcoming school report on birds. Their father advised him, "Just take it bird by bird." A panel of writers...

Paying for College

April 4, 2001

It's early spring, and that means college-bound high school seniors and their families are choosing schools, and figuring out how to pay for tuition, room and board. Diane and her guests talk about how to manage the expense of higher...

Standardized Tests

February 26, 2001

A discussion on the Bush administration's call for annual standardized tests for all students in grades three through eight.

Diane Ravitch: "Left Back" (Simon and Schuster)

September 29, 2000

The future of education has become a major issue in this year's presidential campaigns. Diane Ravitch offers a historical view in her new book, which is a review and critique of the major educational reforms and reformers of the past...


June 20, 2000

The practice of educating children at home or with the cooperation of other parents is on the rise. Homeschooling is often associated with Christian-oriented instruction, but many parents simply feel that public schools don't offer an...

Charter Schools

May 18, 2000

Charter schools have long been advocated as a way to provide an effective alternative to traditional public education. The movement has caught on in many areas of the country but is still as controversial as ever. A panel talks about the...

Laura Fairchild Brodie: "Breaking Out" (Pantheon)

May 15, 2000

Laura Fairchild Brodie's new book explores more recent events in the school's history: the Supreme Court's nullification of its single-sex admissions policy, and how the school has reacted and changed since women became part of the student...

State University Education

May 2, 2000

State university systems across the country are under increasing pressure to serve a rapidly changing student population while controlling costs and updating their missions. A panel of leaders in state university education talk with Diane...


January 20, 2000

In the last year, newspapers and magazines have been running articles about a nationwide shortage of qualified teachers in U.S. public schools. In turn, teachers face complicated problems which can include low pay, unmanageable class size...

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