On The Job: Women in Information Technology

April 7, 2000

Women were pioneers in the creation of some early programming languages, but the face of information technology today, in news and entertainment media, is distinctly male. A panel of women who are information technology professionals talk...


March 15, 2000

NASDAQ, or the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation, was introduced in 1971 as the world's first electronic stock market. Today it's the fastest growing stock market in the U.S., and reached record highs last...

On the Job: Taxicab Drivers

March 3, 2000

For February's On the Job segment, Diane talks with current and former taxicab drivers about their work: the rewards, the problems, and what they wish their passengers knew when they get into the cab.

Income Inequity

February 3, 2000

This week the U.S. economy will break the previous record for longest period of continuous growth. Many Americans are enjoying unprecedented wealth, but the gap between rich and poor is growing larger than ever. A panel talks about who is...

The Cost of Eldercare

January 31, 2000

Many Americans are busy socking away savings for retirement, but even the most careful planner can fall short when faced with the rising costs of long-term care late in life. A panel talks about the rising costs of health care for older...

Jean Kilbourne: "Deadly Persuasion" (Free Press)

January 27, 2000

Author and lecturer Jean Kilbourne discusses the techniques advertisers use to influence consumers. Her new book argues that women and girls are especially susceptible to advertising.

Peggy Post: "The Etiquette Advantage in Business" (Harper Resource)

January 20, 2000

Etiquette expert Peggy Post's new book is tailored for the business world. It offers tips on handling with confidence the most delicate negotiations, intimidating interviews and important business lunches.

Women at Work: Alice Waters

December 3, 1999

The December Women at Work guest is Alice Waters, one of the country's leading chefs. Since 1971, her restaurant Chez Panisse has been a Berkeley, California favorite. Her emphasis on cooking with seasonal, organic, locally-produced...

Understanding Right to Work Laws

January 1, 1990

Michigan -- a cradle of the labor movement -- became the twenty-fourth state to adopt a right-to-work law. Diane and guests discuss what the new legislation says about today's economy and the relevance of unions across the country.

The White House Budget And Mid-Term Elections

The White House Budget And Mid-Term Elections

January 1, 1990

President Barack Obama's 2014 budget focuses on new jobs in manufacturing, energy and infrastructure. House Republicans key in on welfare reform and overhauling social programs. Guest host Tom Gjelten and his guests discuss the proposed White House budget and its implications for the mid-term elections.

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