Slowing Economy

August 6, 2001

The U.S. economy is still growing, but just barely. A panel of economists joins Diane to talk about the status of the economy and what we can expect in the months ahead.

Shrinking Budget Surplus

July 16, 2001

Estimates of the federal budget surplus are dropping. Economic forecasters agree the recent tax cut altered the budgetary outlook, but disagree on how much, and on whether it's a problem. President Bush's critics say it's proof the tax cut...

Steel Industry

June 26, 2001

President Bush last week officially requested that the International Trade Commission investigate foreign steel imports. This move and the President's statements about the steel industry's problems strike some observers as inconsistent...

Tax Cut

May 29, 2001

Tax Cut: Last weekend Congress approved the biggest tax cut in twenty years. The bill reduces rates in all income brackets... and most taxpayers will get refund checks this summer. President Bush has hailed the plan as both 'profound and...


May 14, 2001

Immigrant workers typically send some of their earnings back home to help support relatives in their countries of origin. These "remittances" have become an enormous part of the economies of many developing countries. Diane and her...

Gurcharan Das: "India Unbound" (Knopf)

April 4, 2001

India is remaking its image as it emerges as a world economic power. In his new book, businessman and a playwright Gurcharan Das illustrates India's social and economic transformation by describing his own family's experiences.

Politics of the Tax Cut

March 20, 2001

A panel talks about the political strategizing and negotiations behind the ongoing Congressional debate over tax cuts.

Stock Market

March 15, 2001

The recent dramatic drops in the stock market, especially in the tech sector, have investors on edge. A panel talks about the latest behavior of investors and what it tells us about the status of the economy.

Migrant Workers

March 8, 2001

President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox talked about opening up the border between the two countries to allow greater movement of migrant workers. A panel discusses the pros and cons of proposed changes in the laws governing the...

Tax Cuts

February 12, 2001

President George W. Bush officially proposed a tax cut to Congress after weeks of discussion about its political and economic viability. A panel talks about what the President is proposing, how it would work, who would benefit, and how it...

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