Japan's Nuclear Crisis and Its Impact on the Nuclear Industry

March 17, 2011

Japan's crisis prompts new questions about the safety of nuclear power. An update on efforts to contain the risks in Japan and how the disaster could affect the nuclear power industry worldwide.

The Economic Impact of Japan's Earthquake

March 16, 2011

As Japan struggles with a humanitarian crisis, damage from the earthquake also threatens its economy. Production of cars, computer chips and other goods has been disrupted. A discussion of the disaster's impact on the world's third...

Challenges for Japan

March 14, 2011

Japan's Prime Minister says his country is facing its most difficult challenge since World War II. Concerns are growing over a potential nuclear power crisis and the impact on an already struggling economy. Diane and her guests discuss...

Jonathan Franklin: "33 Men"

February 24, 2011

The dramatic plight and rescue of thirty-three entombed Chilean miners captured the world's attention last October. Journalist, Jonathan Franklin, interviewed the men and tells their story: how they survived trapped deep underground, the rescue operation that brought them to the surface, and the haunting aftermath of their captivity.

Turmoil in Haiti

December 13, 2010

Key candidates in last month's presidential election have rejected a recount proposed by Haiti's election council. The initial results of the November 28 vote sparked violent protests. And a cholera epidemic has killed more than 2,000 people. An update on Haiti.

Global Extinction Crisis & Biodiversity

Global Extinction Crisis & Biodiversity

October 28, 2010

New research documents the long term decline of the earth’s biodiversity: What species are most at risk and some conservation efforts that are making a difference.

News Roundup - Hour 2

October 8, 2010

The U.S. apologizes for a coalition helicopter attack that killed Pakistani soldiers; Iraq makes progress on efforts to form a new government; and the threat of terror attacks in Europe remains high. A panel of journalists joins guest host...

News Roundup - Hour 2

News Roundup - Hour 2

September 3, 2010

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Palestinian and Israeli leaders in Washington for the start of peace talks; the American combat mission ends in Iraq; and heavy violence in Afghanistan claims more lives among U.S. troops. A...

News Roundup - Hour 1

News Roundup - Hour 1

August 27, 2010

Alaska's GOP Senate primary race remains too close to call. New concerns about the strength of the economic recovery. And New Orleans five years after Katrina. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top national news...

Oil-Eating Microbes and the BP Spill

Oil-Eating Microbes and the BP Spill

August 26, 2010

A new study suggests mother nature might be cleaning up the BP spill faster than expected. Researchers found several species of oil-eating bacteria thriving in the submerged plume, but uncertainty remains over the threat to marine life.

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