Jim Lehrer: "The Special Prisoner" (Random House)

May 3, 2000

Journalist Jim Lehrer, host of the PBS NewsHour, discusses his latest novel. It's the story of a man who survives a brutal Japanese prisoner of war camp during World War II. Years later, he is forced to confront his painful memories when...

Evan Connell: "Deus Lo Volt!" (Counterpoint)

April 27, 2000

Novelist Evan Connell goes back nearly a thousand years to bring the Crusades back to life in his new novel. "Deus lo volt!" ("God wills it!") was the cry of the men who set out from Europe to capture the Holy Land.

Rampage Killings

April 19, 2000

Last week the New York Times ran a five-part series on so-called "rampage" killings -- statistically rare but lethal outbursts that differ from the vast majority of homicides in the number of people killed, the higher likelihood of...

Gun Safety Technology

March 13, 2000

Following the recent fatal shooting incidents in Michigan and Pennsylvania, a discussion of various gun safety proposals that rely on technology, from childproof trigger locks to "smart guns" that can be fired only by their owners.

Robert Kaplan: "The Coming Anarchy" (Random House)

March 10, 2000

Author Robert Kaplan discusses his concerns over how international relations and America's place in the world will play out in this new century. In his book, he suggests that the world could even be on the brink of a second Cold War.

Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo

February 28, 2000

The NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo is struggling to control a potentially explosive situation in Mitrovica, a city in the northern part of Kosovo. The deaths of several civilians and confrontations between peacekeepers and residents...

Loung Ung: "First They Killed My Father" (Harper Collins)

February 21, 2000

Twenty-five years ago, Loung Ung was a happy, outgoing five-year-old girl living with her family in Cambodia's capital city. But everything changed when the brutal Khmer Rouge regime came to power. Her book tells the story of what happened...

John Wallach: "The Enemy Has A Face" (United States Institute of Peace Press)

February 9, 2000

John Wallach talks about Seeds of Peace, an organization he founded that brings Israeli and Arab teenagers together each summer in Maine. In his new book he talks about his hope that the connections formed between these youths will grow...

Gun Licensing

February 8, 2000

Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder joins Diane to discuss the Clinton administration's latest gun violence-related policy initiatives, including the proposal in last month's State of the Union Address to make licenses mandatory for...

Ha Jin: "Waiting" (Pantheon)

January 19, 2000

Ha Jin discusses his National Book Award-winning novel. Set during China's Cultural Revolution, it's the story of an army doctor who is torn between his love for a nurse at his hospital, and his duty to his wife back in his home village.

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