Michael Capuzzo: "Close to Shore" (Broadway)

July 26, 2001

Sharks have re-emerged as an all-too-real threat this summer with a series of horrifying attacks along American coastlines. In his new book, author Michael Capuzzo recounts deadly shark attacks that took place in New Jersey in the summer...

U.S. - Russia Missile Defense Update

July 26, 2001

President Bush and Russian President Vladymir Putin met again this weekend to talk about missile defense and other topics. A panel talks about the status of the Administration's effort to move toward a national missile defense and the...

Hampton Sides: "Ghost Soldiers" (Doubleday)

July 25, 2001

In his new book, journalist Hampton Sides describes a daring World War II rescue attempt in the Philippines. In 1945, a small band of U.S. Army Rangers and Filipino guerrilla soldiers went behind enemy lines to liberate American troops...

Gail Buckley: "American Patriots" (Random House)

July 19, 2001

Years ago, writer Gail Buckley came across a photograph of an uncle who had served in an all-black regiment in World War I. She set out to learn more about the role African-Americans have played throughout our nation’s military...

Suicide Bombers

July 12, 2001

Some say Palestinians have become more susceptible than ever to the romance of martyrdom. A panel discusses the religious and political implications of suicide bombing attacks.

William Davis: "An Honorable Defeat" (Harcourt)

June 28, 2001

William Davis, director of programs at the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies, tells the story of what happened to the leaders of the Confederacy during the months just before and after the end of the Civil War in his new book.

Don Snyder: "Night Crossing" (Knopf

June 25, 2001

In August of 1998, a terrorist bombing in the center of Omagh, Northern Ireland, killed 28 people. Author Don Snyder traveled to Omagh a few days later, and his observations of the tragedy's aftermath inspired a novel. In his story, the...

Frances and Ginger Park: "To Swim Across the World" (Talk Miramax)

June 19, 2001

Sisters Frances and Ginger Park's parents emigrated from Korea in 1954. They tell a semi-fictional version of their family's life in prewar Korea in their new novel.

Erna Paris: Long Shadows: "Truth, Lies, and History" (Bloomsbury)

June 18, 2001

Journalist Erna Paris examines the different ways nations have dealt ith the most painful episodes of their past. In her new book she discusses examples including the U.S. and slavery, Germany and the Holocaust, and South Africa and...

Alex Boraine: "A Country Unmasked" (Oxford)

June 7, 2001

As deputy chairperson of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Alex Boraine served with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and others to examine his country's painful legacy of apartheid. In his new book, he tells of that experience and...

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