Jennet Conant: "Tuxedo Park" (Simon & Schuster)

August 13, 2002

Author Jennet Conant shares the story of Alfred Lee Loomis, an enormously successful but now largely forgotten Wall Street tycoon who personally bankrolled some of the key scientific developments of World War II, including radar and the...

U.S. Debate on Iraq

August 13, 2002

The latest round in the debate over what to do about Iraq and what it tells us about the Bush administration's policymaking process and its overall foreign policy.

Jere Longman: "Among the Heroes" (Harper Collins)

August 7, 2002

New York Times correspondent Jere Longman shares his extensive reporting on United Flight 93 and its passengers, who fought back against terrorist hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001, and paid for it with their lives.

Detainees Ruling

August 6, 2002

Diane and her guests discuss the recent ruling by a federal judge requiring the release of the names of the hundreds of people taken into custody in the September 11th investigation.

James Mawdsley: The Iron Road (North Point Press)

August 2, 2002

Human rights activist James Mawdsley talks about working in the Burmese democracy movement, which led to his imprisonment and torture as a political prisoner of Burma.

Iraq Debate

July 30, 2002

A panel talks about the internal debate in the Bush Administration over the best policy toward Iraq.

Noah Andre Trudeau: "Gettysburg" (Harper Collins)

July 22, 2002

Civil War historian Noah Andre Trudeau presents his new book, an in-depth look at the pivotal 1863 Civil War battle that lasted three days and changed the course of our nation's history.

Howard Zinn: "Terrorism and War" (Seven Stories)

July 11, 2002

In his new book, history professor Howard Zinn explains why he does not support the U.S. military response to the September 11th attack, and critiques America's broader international and domestic policies.


July 2, 2002

A panel talks about the national security threat Iraq may pose to the U.S. and what should be done about it.

Ann Patchett: "Bel Canto" (Harper Perennial)

June 28, 2002

Novelist Ann Patchett discusses her popular novel, which was inspired in part by the 1996 hostage crisis at the Japanese ambassadorial residence in Lima, Peru. Now available in paperback, this work recently won the Penn/Faulkner Award.

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