DeAnne Blanton and Lauren Cook: "They Fought Like Demons" (LSU Press)

November 13, 2002

Authors DeAnne Blanton and Lauren Cook present their research on more than 240 women who dressed as men and fought in the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War.

Con Coughlin: Saddam: "King of Terror" (Ecco)

November 12, 2002

Saddam Hussein has ruled Iraq for decades, but here in the U.S. we know very little about the life of this man who is called one of our country's top enemies. British journalist Con Coughlin talks about his new biography of Iraq's ruler.

Margaret MacMillan: "Paris 1919" (Random House)

November 11, 2002

On Armistice Day, historian Margaret MacMillan presents her new book on the international effort that brought World War I to a close.

David Ropeik: "Risk" (Houghton Mifflin)

November 7, 2002

With stories of terrorism, anthrax, snipers, kidnappings and shark attacks all making recent headlines, it's a wonder anyone bothers to get out of bed! David Ropeik of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis talks about why it is we fear...


October 30, 2002

In the wake of Moscow's deadly hostage crisis, a panel talks about Russia's intractable problem with Chechen separatists, and the question of whether -- and how -- that conflict overlaps with the worldwide fight against terrorism.

Daniel Ellsberg: "Secrets" (Viking)

October 16, 2002

In his new memoir, former Defense Department staffer Daniel Ellsberg explains how his growing disillusionment over the Vietnam War led him to take the dramatic step of leaking the Pentagon papers to the media in 1971.

Terrorism in Indonesia

October 16, 2002

A panel talks about this weekend's bombing of a popular tourist nightspot in Bali, which killed more than 180 people and highlighted questions about the relationship between regional Islamic extremist violence and terrorism directly...

Anti War Movement

October 15, 2002

A panel discusses what's said to be a growing anti war protest movement. We'll talk about who's involved, what the goals are, and how it compares to anti war movements in years past.

Iraq and the War on Terrorism

October 9, 2002

A panel talks about the debate over a possible attack on Iraq and how it could affect the war on terrorism.

Inside Iraq

October 1, 2002

As debate intensifies over U.S. action against Iraq, it's very difficult to know what is going on inside that country. Diane talks with a journalist who has recently spent time there, and with others closely following the news on Iraq and...

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