International Response to U.S. Policy Toward Iraq

February 19, 2003

Protests were held worldwide last weekend against a U.S. led strike in Iraq. The Bush administration is reportedly considering two more weeks of diplomatic pressure before deciding whether to attack. Diane and her guests look at the latest...

Preparing for Terrorist Attack

February 17, 2003

A panel talks about the government's advice on preparing for an act of terrorism and what you really need to know about the possibility of a chemical, biological, or other terrorist attack.

Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

February 13, 2003

Violence in the Mideast continues. Diane talks with representatives from Israel and the PLO about the ongoing conflict in the region and implications of a possible U.S. led war against Iraq.

North Korea

February 11, 2003

Some foreign policy observers believe North Korea's apparent nuclear ambitions may present a more serious threat to global security than Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Two experts talk about the Bush administration's policy toward North Korea.

Iraq Update

January 21, 2003

A panel talks about the latest news on the international effort to disarm Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Anti-War Movement

January 13, 2003

Anti-war protesters are planning a march in Washington and San Francisco for this weekend. We'll talk about the status of the anti-war movement in the United States, who supports the movement and why.

Jonathan Shay: "Odysseus in America" (Scribner)

December 12, 2002

Psychiatrist Jonathan Shay talks about his experiences working with Vietnam War veterans, and about the difficulty many combat veterans face when they return to civilian life.


December 12, 2002

There's no resolution to a ten day nationwide strike in Venezuela led by opponents of democratically elected President Hugo Chavez. A panel joins Diane to talk about the crisis in Venezuela and its wider implications.

Iraq Update

December 11, 2002

A panel talks about the latest news from the U.N. weapons inspections underway in Iraq, and reactions from the Bush Administration and its allies.

Open Phones

December 9, 2002

Diane talks with listeners about the economy, domestic politics, international attitudes toward Americans, weapons inspections in Iraq, and more.

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