War Update

March 31, 2003

A panel talks about the latest military and strategic developments in Iraq, with a look at humanitarian aid delivery, POWs and casualties on both sides, media coverage, and more.

Treatment of POW's

March 24, 2003

Article 13 of the Geneva convention precludes prisoners of war from being exposed to public curiosity. U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld denounced the broadcast on Iraqi television of five American soldiers who had apparently been...

War Update

March 24, 2003

Diane and her guests talk about the latest developments in the war with Iraq, including the status of military operations, the latest information about the stability of Saddam Hussein's rule, U.S relations with its allies, casualties on...

Covering the War

March 21, 2003

Diane's live broadcast from "National Geographic" continues with a conversation about news coverage of the war and U.S. policy toward Iraq, comparing American media with news organizations around the world.

U.S. Attacks Iraq

March 20, 2003

As the U.S. military campaign against Iraq gets underway, Diane talks with experts on public opinion, the military, and foreign affairs.

Code Orange Terror Alert

March 19, 2003

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge asked the nation's governors to deploy the National Guard while U.S. troops prepare for a likely invasion of Iraq. A panel talks about this and other components of "Operation Liberty Shield,"...

U.N. Security Council Update

March 17, 2003

An update on weekend efforts to build multilateral support for a U.S. led attack on Iraq.

Embedded War Reporters

March 13, 2003

The Pentagon is allowing more than 500 journalists to accompany U.S. forces in Iraq. If there is a war, they will cover combat directly from the field. Diane will hear different perspectives on the value and implications of this level of...

Refugees in Iraq

March 12, 2003

War in Iraq would disrupt food supplies to the millions of Iraqis who depend on government-provided rations to survive, and an extended conflict could displace hundreds of thousands of people - or more. Diane talks with representatives...

War on Terrorism Update

March 10, 2003

The capture of September 11th mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed provided new evidence and a fresh start for investigators on the trail of Osama bin Laden and other members of al Qaeda. A panel talks about the latest counterterrorism...

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