David Maraniss: "They Marched Into Sunlight" (Simon & Schuster)

November 25, 2003

Journalist David Maraniss talks about a convergence of events in the fall of 1967: a deadly ambush in Vietnam and a deadly clash between protesters and police at the University of Wisconsin.

Madeleine Albright: "Madam Secretary" (Miramax)

November 24, 2003

The nation's first and only woman Secretary of State talks about her life and diplomatic service and gives her opinions on the current state of world affairs.

Iraq Intelligence Update

November 17, 2003

The CIA says a growing number of Iraqi civilians are supporting the resistance to the U.S.-led coalition. Two intelligence experts talk about the implications of the latest political and security assessments as the U.S. adjusts its plans...

Democracy in the Middle East

November 12, 2003

President Bush last week called for the Middle East to open to democracy. But the U.S. gamble on Iraq, the war on terrorism, and other factors have as yet unknown repercussions for the region. A panel talks about interrelated U.S...

Next Steps for U.S. in Iraq

November 3, 2003

President Bush is calling on the Pentagon to step up plans for getting Iraqi security forces out on the streets and on the front lines. Others believe the U.S. needs to increase its counterintelligence efforts. Military and strategic...

Iraq Donors' Conference

October 22, 2003

A panel talks about this week's meeting in Madrid of the countries that could help fund the reconstruction of Iraq.

U.S. Policy Toward Cuba

October 16, 2003

A panel talks about President Bush's crackdown on Americans' travel to Cuba and other measures designed to pressure the Castro regime toward democratic reforms.

Iraq Update

October 13, 2003

Diane and her guests talk about the latest news on the U.S. reconstruction and security efforts in Iraq.

Olson & Cloud: "A Question of Honor" (Knopf)

September 29, 2003

After the Nazis invaded their country in 1939, a group of Polish fighter pilots made their way to England to fight the Germans. They recorded one of the best records against the Luftwaffe and made a major contribution to winning World...

The War on Terrorism

September 9, 2003

President Bush has pledged to do what is necessary and to spend what is necessary in the war against terrorism. It will, he says, take both time and sacrifice. A panel discusses the direction, scope, and cost of the administration's...

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