Iraq Update

February 17, 2004

Iraq's political transition is moving forward and suffering serious setbacks at the same time. A panel talks about the security problems plaguing Iraq and the latest news of progress.


February 16, 2004

A violent uprising in Haiti has killed at least 49 people and threatened the presidency of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. A panel talks about the grievances against Aristide and how the conflict might be resolved.

Nuclear Transfers from Pakistan

February 11, 2004

A top Pakistani scientist confessed to selling nuclear secrets to Libya, Iran, and North Korea, but an international agency says this revelation is just the tip of the iceberg. A panel talks about what really happened in Pakistan and the...

Dilip Hiro: "Secrets and Lies" (Nation Books)

February 6, 2004

A Middle East historian and journalist examines the events leading up to 'Operation Iraqi Freedom;' including a covert war begun August 2002. In "Secrets and Lies," Dilip Hiro deconstructs the Anglo-American alliance and asks if...

Robert Massie: "Castles Of Steel" (Random House)

January 26, 2004

Pulitzer Prize winning writer Robert Massie talks about World War I and the critical importance of the war at sea between Great Britain and Germany.

Nonproliferation Progress

December 22, 2003

Libya announced the halt of all its programs for developing weapons of mass destruction, just one day after Iranian officials officially agreed to allow intrusive inspections of that country's nuclear facilities. A panel talks about Iran's...

Henry Kissinger: "Crisis" (Simon & Schuster)

December 16, 2003

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger takes us behind the scenes of two foreign policy crises that took place during the Nixon and Ford Administrations: the Yom Kippur War of 1973, and the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

Iraq, the U.S., and European Allies

December 16, 2003

Diane and her guests talk about tensions between the U.S. and its European allies over the war in Iraq and the reconstruction effort, with a look at whether the capture of Saddam Hussein will alter any of the ongoing debates.

Saddam Hussein

December 15, 2003

Images of Saddam Hussein's capture by the U.S military were shown worldwide yesterday. A panel joins Diane to talk about his apprehension and what it may mean for Iraqis and the U.S. led reconstruction effort.

James McPherson: "The Illustrated Battle Cry of Freedom" (Oxford)

December 12, 2003

Civil War historian James McPherson talks about his 1988 Pulitzer Prize-winning book "Battle Cry of Freedom," now re-issued with hundreds of photographs, maps and other images that bring the era to life.

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