Jackie Wullschlager: "Hans Christian Andersen: The Life of a Storyteller" (Knopf)

July 2, 2001

Many of us read Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales as children - or at least saw the Disney movies - but few of us know anything about the author. British literary critic Jackie Wullschlager joins Diane to discuss her new biography.

William MacLeish: "Uphill with Archie" (Simon & Schuster)

May 24, 2001

Journalist William MacLeish discusses his life as the son of poet Archibald MacLeish in his memoir Uphill with Archie (Simon & Schuster). He tells of growing up in a household where his parents' friends were literary giants, and talks...

Adriana Trigiani: Big Cherry Holler" (Random House)

May 23, 2001

Adriana Trigiani's debut novel, Big Stone Gap, told the story of Ave Maria Mulligan, a self-proclaimed spinster pharmacist in the author's real-life hometown of Big Stone Gap, Virginia. Ave Maria returns in a sequel, which begins eight...

Chet Raymo: "An Intimate Look at the Night Sky" (Walker)

May 22, 2001

Chet Raymo, a Boston Globe columnist and physics professor, presents his guide to stargazing - offering both star maps of the constellations visible in each season, and essays on what we know and are still learning about the universe...

Pat Barker: "Border Crossing" (Farrar Strauss & Giroux)

April 19, 2001

Novelist Pat Barker is best known for her Regeneration trilogy, one volume of which won Britain's prestigious Booker Prize. She joins Diane to discuss her latest novel.

Readers' Review: Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms"

March 16, 2001

The March Readers' Review panel joins Diane at the Newseum in Arlington, Virginia to discuss Ernest Hemingway's novel A Farewell to Arms, a novel inspired by the author's experiences during World War I.

A.S. Byatt: "The Biographer's Tale" (Knopf)

February 21, 2001

Novelist A.S. Byatt's latest work returns to the academic themes of her Booker Prize-winning "Possession." It's the story of a graduate student faced with the puzzling challenge of writing a biography of a famous biographer.

Readers' Review: Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "Love in the Time of Cholera"

February 16, 2001

The February Readers' Review panel discusses Love in the Time of Cholera by Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This tale of unrequited but lasting love tells the story of a man who spends 50 years, 9 months, and 4 days in love with...

Gail Godwin: "Heart" (William Morrow)

February 9, 2001

In a pre-Valentine's Day program, novelist Gail Godwin introduces her first nonfiction book. In it she traces the way the human heart has been portrayed in art, literature, and folklore, since the first drawings of a rounded red shape were...

Michael Dirda: "Readings" (Indiana University Press)

December 18, 2000

Michael Dirda of Washington Post Book World discusses his life as a reader and collector of books. He'll talk about old favorites, new favorites, and the love of literature.

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