Dana Priest: "The Mission" (Norton)

February 24, 2003

Washington Post reporter Dana Priest looks at how the role of the military has evolved from fighting wars to keeping the peace. For her new book, she visited 20 countries to witness the U.S. military acting as both nation-builder and...

Louise Erdrich: "The Master Butchers Singing Club" (Harper Collins)

February 21, 2003

Novelist Louise Erdrich presents her new book based in part on memories of her grandfather, a German immigrant.

Lisa Jardine: "On a Grander Scale" (Harper Collins)

February 20, 2003

Renaissance historian Lisa Jardine discusses her new book about 17th-century architect Sir Christopher Wren and his transformation of London.

Readers' Review: James Baldwin's "Go Tell It on the Mountain"

February 19, 2003

James Baldwin's semiautobiographical first novel was published in 1953 to high acclaim. Diane and a panel talk about this American classic, which uses as a frame the spiritual and moral awakening of 14-year-old John Grimes during a...

Devra Davis: "When Smoke Ran Like Water" (Basic Books)

February 10, 2003

In her new book world-renowned epidemiologist and activist Devra Davis examines the harmful effect pollution has on our environment and our lives, and looks at why this harm is underreported.

Carol Ann Lee: "The Hidden Life of Otto Frank" (William Morrow)

February 7, 2003

Anne Frank's father is the subject of a new biography by Carol Ann Lee, who tells the story of the Franks' life before they went into hiding, and how Otto Frank saved his daughter's diary and shared it with the world.

Sherwin Nuland: "Lost in America: A Journey With My Father" (Knopf)

February 5, 2003

Dr. Sherwin Nuland, author of the National Book Award-winning "How We Die", talks with Diane about his new memoir, in which he recounts his difficult relationship with his immigrant father.

Juan Williams: "This Far By Faith" (William Morrow)

February 4, 2003

NPR's Juan Williams explores the history of religion in the African-American community - from the slave era through the civil rights movement, and up to the present day - in his new book. It's also a companion volume to an upcoming PBS...

Ross King: "Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling" (Walker)

January 29, 2003

In a new book, author Ross King tells the story of the power, politics and personal rivalries behind Michelangelo's magnificent Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes, which, King reveals, the artist would have preferred never to undertake.

Colum McCann: "Dancer" (Metropolitan)

January 28, 2003

Diane talks with author Colum McCann about his unconventional biography of legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

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