Juan Williams: "This Far By Faith" (William Morrow)

February 4, 2003

NPR's Juan Williams explores the history of religion in the African-American community - from the slave era through the civil rights movement, and up to the present day - in his new book. It's also a companion volume to an upcoming PBS...

Ross King: "Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling" (Walker)

January 29, 2003

In a new book, author Ross King tells the story of the power, politics and personal rivalries behind Michelangelo's magnificent Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes, which, King reveals, the artist would have preferred never to undertake.

Colum McCann: "Dancer" (Metropolitan)

January 28, 2003

Diane talks with author Colum McCann about his unconventional biography of legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

Susan McDougal: "The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk" (Carroll & Graf)

January 21, 2003

Susan McDougal went to jail rather than testify about Whitewater and President Clinton. In her new book, she tells what she knew, why she didn't talk and what life was like in prison.

Maya Angelou: "A Song Flung Up to Heaven" (Random House) (Rebroadcast)

January 20, 2003

Maya Angelou has chronicled her life as a poet, playwright, performer, and more in a series of memoirs. She joins Diane to present her latest, which focuses on the 1960s, when she became active in the civil rights movement and began...

Readers' Review: Charles Frazier's "Cold Mountain"

January 15, 2003

Diane leads a panel discussion of this National Book Award-winning novel about the odyssey of a wounded Civil War soldier who deserts the Confederate army and sets out on a 300-mile journey home to the woman he loves.

Po Bronson: "What Should I Do with My Life?" (Random House)

January 13, 2003

Bestselling author Po Bronson talks with Diane about his latest book, for which he criss-crossed the country to talk to hundreds of Americans about seeking, and in some cases finding, their true calling. His new book is subtitled "The...

Pat Conroy: "My Losing Season" (Doubleday)

January 8, 2003

In his new memoir, best-selling novelist Pat Conroy writes about his senior year in college playing basketball for the Citadel. He talks with Diane about the lessons he learned from defeat, his troubled boyhood, and how he became a writer.

Dianna Ortiz: "The Blindfold's Eyes" (Orbis)

January 6, 2003

In 1989, while working as a missionary in Guatemala, Sister Dianna Ortiz was abducted by security forces and brutally tortured. In her memoir she recounts this ordeal and her struggle to heal herself and uncover the truth about her...

Bausch & Bausch: "The Gypsy Man" (Harcourt) and "Hello to the Cannibals" (HarperCollins) (Rebroadcast)

January 1, 2003

Identical twins Robert and Richard Bausch share more than DNA - they are both novelists. The Bausch brothers join Diane to talk about their common profession and their recently-published novels, Robert's "The Gypsy Man", and...

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