Readers' Review: "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte

April 27, 2011

A new film adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's gothic tale about an orphan-turned-governess has hit movie theaters. In this month's Readers' Review, Diane invites listeners to discuss "Jane Eyre," the novel first published in 1847.

James Stewart: "Tangled Webs"

April 26, 2011

What Martha Stewart, Bernie Madoff, Barry Bonds and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby have in common. An exploration of perjury and false statements.

Deval Patrick: "A Reason to Believe"

April 14, 2011

Deval Patrick, the first African-American governor of Massachusetts, talks with Diane about his unlikely path to politics, and what he calls his campaign against cynicism.

Diane Ackerman: "One Hundred Names for Love"

Diane Ackerman: "One Hundred Names for Love"

April 13, 2011

Writer Diane Ackerman's husband was a novelist, a poet and a lover of language before he suffered a massive stroke. It left him able to utter only a single syllable. The story of how his wife helped him rediscover language and how their love changed.

Rachel Lloyd:  "Girls Like Us"

Rachel Lloyd: "Girls Like Us"

April 7, 2011

British-born Rachel Lloyd found herself spiraling into a life of torment and abuse. She ended up a victim of commercial sexual exploitation, until she broke free of the street and her pimp thanks to the help of a local church. She talks with Diane about developing non-profit programs to help girls and young women who have experienced sexual exploitation and domestic traficking.

Senator Bernie Sanders: "The Speech"

March 31, 2011

On December 10, 2010, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders walked on to the floor of the United States Senate and made a speech lasting over eight hours. In it, he blasted the agreement that President Obama struck with Republicans which extended tax cuts for the very rich. But the speech also attacked corporate greed and what he sees as the decline of the American middle class. Senator Sanders joins Diane to discuss his speech and its call to action.

Dean Faulkner Wells: "Every Day by the Sun"

Dean Faulkner Wells: "Every Day by the Sun"

March 30, 2011

William Faulkner received a Nobel Prize for Literature for his unique contribution to the modern American novel. The niece he helped raise offers an intimate portrait of her uncle and the Faulkners of Mississippi.

David Brooks: "The Social Animal:  The Hidden Sources of Love, Character and Achievement"

David Brooks: "The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character and Achievement"

March 10, 2011

A new outlook on human existence dictated by imagination, emotion, and intuition. Columnist and best-selling author David Brooks' latest book stresses relationships over individualism and moral connections over monetary need.

Neal Bascomb: "The New Cool"

Neal Bascomb: "The New Cool"

March 3, 2011

What the world's fiercest robotics competition means for America's future. Best-selling author, Neal Bascomb, follows the story of a team of high school seniors and their mentors as they race to built a robot. How their success may herald a new kind of cool that rewards brains over brawn.

Andre Dubus III: "Townie"

Andre Dubus III: "Townie"

February 28, 2011

To survive a childhood in a tough Massachusetts mill town, author Andre Dubus III transformed himself into a muscled street fighter. In a new memoir, he recounts how he channeled anger into writing and mended his relationship with his famous father.

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