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Robert Lane Greene: "You Are What You Speak"

Robert Lane Greene: "You Are What You Speak"

March 21, 2011

Some people become absolutely apoplectic when speakers and writers make errors in grammar and usage. According to journalist and author Robert Lane Greene, these so called “grammar grouches” are fighting a largely losing battle, and...

Edward Albee & Molly Smith

Edward Albee & Molly Smith

March 14, 2011

Edward Albee is one of the most influential living American playwrights today. In his over fifty years of works, he's received numerous awards and the honors keep coming. A new festival of Albee's plays at Washington, DC's Arena Stage...

Andre Dubus III: "Townie"

Andre Dubus III: "Townie"

February 28, 2011

To survive a childhood in a tough Massachusetts mill town, author Andre Dubus III transformed himself into a muscled street fighter. In a new memoir, he recounts how he channeled anger into writing and mended his relationship with his famous father.

Stefan Kanfer: "Tough Without a Gun"

Stefan Kanfer: "Tough Without a Gun"

February 16, 2011

Humphrey Bogart was an unlikely leading man. He was neither conventionally handsome nor a versatile actor. But he had a unique style. Bogie starred in such classics as "The Maltese Falcon,” “Casablanca,” and “The African...

Donald Bogle: "Heat Wave"

February 15, 2011

A new biography traces the gritty childhood of Ethel Waters to her dramatic rise as the highest paid entertainer of the Jazz Age. It tells the story of her turbulent private life, religious conversion, and clashes with civil rights leaders. Join Diane and author, Donald Bogle, as they discuss the life and career of Ethel Waters.

Jasmin Darznik: "The Good Daughter"

Jasmin Darznik: "The Good Daughter"

February 7, 2011

Jasmin Darznik was three when she moved with her parents from Iran to California during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. She grew up ashamed of her mother’s old world ways and resentful of her protectiveness. By the time she was in her...

Peggy Orenstein: "Cinderella Ate My Daughter"

January 27, 2011

The long and short term affects of "princess mania" on our daughters identities. Why pink and sparkly is so popular for young girls today and the role marketing plays in packaging and promoting it.

A Conversation with Richard Dreyfuss

January 24, 2011

Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss wants to have more close encounters of the civics kind. He joins Diane to talk about his career and his passion for teaching American history.

The Future of Public Broadcasting

January 20, 2011

The future of public broadcasting: Consumers have thousands of options for information and entertainment and Congress is threatening to cut government funding. The challenges and opportunities facing public radio and television.

Autobiography of Mark Twain (Rebroadcast)

January 17, 2011

Mark Twain left instructions that his unedited autobiography not be published until one hundred years after his death. This year marks the centennial of the author’s demise. The first of three large volumes was just published. In it the...

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