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Pete Early: "Super Casino: Inside the 'New' Las Vegas" (Bantam)

January 14, 2000

In "Super Casino: Inside the 'New' Las Vegas" (Bantam), author Pete Early talks about the transformation of the gritty casino capital into a family-friendly vacation mecca.

Douglas Coupland: "Miss Wyoming" (Pantheon)

January 13, 2000

A conversation with Douglas Coupland, who named a generation with the title of his first novel, "Generation X." His latest novel tells the story of two show-business burnouts who are made for each other.

Stephen Wade: "The Beautiful Music All Around Us"

January 1, 1990

The stories behind 13 performances captured on Library of Congress field recordings across the U.S. from 1934-1942. Banjo player and writer Stephen Wade on America's rich musical traditions.

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