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Honore Daumier Exhibit at the Phillips Collection

February 17, 2000

Diane and her guests discuss the career of 19th century French artist and caricaturist Honore Daumier. This weekend, the most comprehensive exhibition of his work ever seen in the U.S. goes on display at the Phillips Collection in...

Marian Wright Edelman (rebroadcast)

January 17, 2000

Marian Wright Edelman, president of the Children's Defense Fund, is one of the nation's leading advocates for children's rights. Her new memoir, "Lanterns" (Beacon), introduces the mentors who have inspired her through her life.

Pete Early: "Super Casino: Inside the 'New' Las Vegas" (Bantam)

January 14, 2000

In "Super Casino: Inside the 'New' Las Vegas" (Bantam), author Pete Early talks about the transformation of the gritty casino capital into a family-friendly vacation mecca.

Douglas Coupland: "Miss Wyoming" (Pantheon)

January 13, 2000

A conversation with Douglas Coupland, who named a generation with the title of his first novel, "Generation X." His latest novel tells the story of two show-business burnouts who are made for each other.

Stephen Wade: "The Beautiful Music All Around Us"

January 1, 1990

The stories behind 13 performances captured on Library of Congress field recordings across the U.S. from 1934-1942. Banjo player and writer Stephen Wade on America's rich musical traditions.

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