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Shirley MacLaine: "Out on a Leash" (Atria Books)

December 15, 2003

In her latest book, the award-winning actress and bestselling author explores the nature of reality and love with her canine companion, Terry. In a wide-ranging interview, she talks about her career, aging, spirituality, reincarnation...

Harry Belafonte

December 9, 2003

Entertainer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte talks about his work as a UN spokesman, promoter of human rights, and career as a singer, actor and producer.

President Jimmy Carter: "Hornet's Nest" (Simon & Schuster)

December 8, 2003

In the first work of fiction by a president of the United States, bestselling author Jimmy Carter writes about the Revolutionary War as it was fought in the Deep South.

Nick Bantock: "The Morning Star" (Chronicle)

December 5, 2003

Author and artist Nick Bantock wraps up the mysterious, epistolary, romantic and lavishly-illustrated story of Griffin and Sabine in this last installment of his popular series.

Marian Burros: "Cooking for Comfort" (Simon & Schuster) (Rebroadcast)

November 27, 2003

The Diane Rehm Show celebrates the ultimate "comfort food" holiday with a rebroadcast of Diane's conversation with New York Times food columnist, Marian Burros. Her new cookbook was inspired by Americans' renewed interest in foods...

Arlo Guthrie (Rebroadcast)

November 27, 2003

The eldest son of legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie launched his own recording career in 1967 with his cult classic, talking-blues epic about draft dodging, "Alice's Restaurant." Nearly four decades later, his...

Maurice Sendak: "The Art of Maurice Sendak" & "Brundibar"

November 20, 2003

Maurice Sendak, one of the best known artists in children's literature, joins Diane to talk about his two new books. "The Art of Maurice Sendak" traces his work from 1980 to the present. "Brundibar" is Sendak's latest...

Readers' Review: "Three Junes" by Julia Glass

November 19, 2003

Mysterious twists of fate and coincidence bring members of a Scotish family together, while self-doubts and lack of communication keep them apart in this 2002 National Book Award winning novel set on both sides of the Atlantic over three...

Stephen Goodwin: "Breaking Her Fall"

November 18, 2003

In his first novel in over twenty years, Stephen Goodwin tells the story of a father-daughter relationship in crisis. He describes how writing this tale of familial love helped break his writer's block.

Toni Morrison: "Love" (Knopf)

November 6, 2003

In her eighth work of fiction, Toni Morrison tells the story of a group of women brought together by the personage of one man. She talks with Diane about the first novel she's published in five years.

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