Andrew Weil: "Healthy Aging" (Knopf)

November 1, 2005

Alternative health guru Dr. Andrew Weil offers a prescription for how to age gracefully. He explains how the body ages and gives practical advice to help you achieve and maintain the best health throughout the lifelong process of aging.

Judith Viorst: "I'm Too Young to be Seventy" (Free Press)

October 12, 2005

The best-selling author takes a poetic and humorous look at the ins and outs of becoming a septuagenarian.

Dr. Marc Siegel: "False Alarm" (Wiley)

September 16, 2005

A look at the epidemic of fear sweeping America. Dr. Marc Siegel explains why, in a country where most deadly diseases have been eradicated and advances in science and technology protect our bodies and property better than at any other...

Michael Strober: "Just a Little Too Thin" (Da Capo Press)

September 15, 2005

Clinical psychologist and eating disorder expert Michael Strober talks about how to distinguish between a child's passing interest in calorie-counting and the beginnings of more serious problem. He explains how to promote your child's...

Peggy Drexler: "Raising Boys Without Men" (Rodale)

August 23, 2005

More and more boys are being raised in families headed by women. A research psychologist explains why and how boys living in homes without fathers can and do excel.

Dr. Anne Peters: "Conquering Diabetes" (Hudson Street Books)

August 12, 2005

A pioneer in diabetes treatment presents a cutting-edge, comprehensive program to reverse prediabetes and to treat both types of diabetes. She outlines what foods to eat, which medications help, and how to get the best treatment from your...

Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research

August 1, 2005

Republican Senate leader Bill Frist broke with President Bush Friday on the stem cell debate, saying he would support expanded federal funding for stem cell research. Diane and her guests talk about the latest developments in the ethical...

Marc Shell: "Polio and its Aftermath" (Harvard U. Press)

July 15, 2005

Fifty years ago, Jonas Salk announced a vaccine against polio. But the disease remains far from conquered. A survivor of childhood polio examines the impact of polio on our culture and what it still can teach us.

David Plotz: "The Genius Factory" (Random House)

July 14, 2005

In 1980 an eccentric millionaire established a sperm bank whose donors were made up of scientists, inventors and thinkers. It went out of business in 1999. A journalist shares what he learned about the sperm bank's founder, why the bank...

Abby Ellin: "Teenage Waistland" (PublicAffairs)

June 17, 2005

A journalist who lived through her own struggles with weight as a teenager looks at the search for solutions to America's youth obesity epidemic.

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