Identifying And Treating Severe Mental Illness

December 20, 2012

The vast majority of mentally ill people are not a danger to themselves or society, but for those who are, treatment is critical. Diane and her guests discuss the challenge of identifying and treating severe mental illness.

Mass Shootings And Their Effect On The American Psyche

December 17, 2012

A massacre at a Connecticut elementary school has left Americans once again asking how we can stop gun violence. Diane and her guests discuss the effects of mass shootings on the American psyche.

Mind And Body: Head Injuries And What New Research Means For Football

December 12, 2012

For our series “Mind and Body”, Diane and her guests discuss the latest science on head injuries and how to best protect players.

Debate Over The Benefits Of Routine Mammograms

December 12, 2012

The availability of 3-D mammograms renews debate about who should get them and when: Calculating the health benefits of routine mammograms.

The Challenge Of Feeding America’s Hungry

December 5, 2012

Mayor Cory Booker of Newark is the latest politician to highlight the challenges for people who rely on government assistance for food, but some say the U.S. food stamp program needs to be cut back. The challenge of feeding America's hungry.

Building A Customer-Oriented Health Insurance Exchange

December 4, 2012

New health insurance exchanges are supposed to help millions of Americans get affordable coverage by 2014. Diane and her guests talk about what the exchanges will mean for employers and consumers.

Marilu Henner On Life With Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (Rebroadcast)

November 23, 2012

Actress Marilu Henner is one of the rare documented cases of Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory in the world. She tells us what it means to remember your life in detail and what the phenomenon tells us about the brain.

Dan Buettner: "Blue Zones: Second Edition"

Dan Buettner: "Blue Zones: Second Edition"

November 21, 2012

Researcher, explorer and author Dan Buettner on the latest research about so-called "Blue Zones" locales, where residents live longer than anywhere else on earth.

Deb Perelman: "The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook"

Deb Perelman: "The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook"

November 12, 2012

Deb Perelman, creator of the Smitten Kitchen blog, on the joys of cooking at home.

Assessing The Health Benefits Of Omega-3 (Rebroadcast)

October 30, 2012

Omega-3 fish oil supplements are widely thought to help prevent a variety of ailments including heart disease, Alzheimer's and depression: Assessing the health benefits of an Omega-3 rich diet.

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