This Sunday, April 10, 2011 picture shows a rig and supply vessel in the Gulf of Mexico, off the cost of Louisiana.

This Sunday, April 10, 2011 picture shows a rig and supply vessel in the Gulf of Mexico, off the cost of Louisiana.

President Barack Obama recently announced a plan to open up new areas off the U.S. coastlines for drilling for oil and natural gas, including a large stretch of the Atlantic which has been closed to development. At the same time, the White House said they would ban drilling in portions of the Arctic. The Obama administration described it as a balanced approach, but the proposal was immediately criticized by environmental and industry groups alike. For this month’s Environmental Outlook, Diane and her guests discuss offshore drilling and how it would fit into President Obama’s overall energy strategy.


  • Jackie Savitz vice president for U.S. Oceans, Oceana
  • Michael Conathan director of ocean policy, Center for American Progress
  • Erik Milito director of upstream and industry operations, American Petroleum Institute
  • Amy Harder reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Map: New Areas For Drilling

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management outlined the waters affected by President Obama’s recent proposal.  Map Courtesy of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

Map: A Closer Look At The Atlantic

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management details the specific parts of the Atlantic that would be open for drilling under President Obama’s proposal. Map Courtesy of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

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