Ellen Langer speaks at the PopTech2013 conference in Camden, Maine.

Ellen Langer speaks at the PopTech2013 conference in Camden, Maine.

Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer is known as the “mother of mindfulness.” Her research focuses on the many benefits of purposefully paying attention,and in contrast,the psychological and professional costs of thought patterns that limit awareness. Ellen Langer describes what it takes to become more mindful and why it can have such profound effects on our health, ability to learn and overall well-being. Please join us for a conversation with Ellen Langer on harnessing the power of thought.


  • Ellen Langer author of "Mindfulness" and "The Power of Mindful Learning"

Ellen Langer's Mindfulness In Art

In her new book “The Art of Mindfulness,” Ellen Langer pairs her paintings with advice on being mindful in life. Take a look at some of the featured images; visit her website to see more.

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