Peter van Agtmael: "Disco Night Sept 11"

 - Peter van Agtmael. Taken in Pech Valley, Kunar, Afghanistan. 2007.

Peter van Agtmael. Taken in Pech Valley, Kunar, Afghanistan. 2007.

Peter van Agtmael: "Disco Night Sept 11"

War photographer Peter van Agtmael chronicles U.S. involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in a new book.

For the past decade photographer Peter van Agtmael has documented America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. His journey began as a college student shortly after September 11th when his school paper sent him to Ground Zero. Four years later he found himself on the battlefield. Through his lens he witnessed the tragedy and heroism of war. More often, however, he tried to capture smaller moments of humor,love,unease,beauty,camaraderie and emptiness. His new book "Disco Night September 11" is filed with haunting images and diary-like entries. Peter van Agtmael joins us to talk about his images of war.


Peter van Agtmael

"2nd Tour hope I Don't Die" and "Disco Night Sept 11"

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Behind The Scenes: Images from War

Peter van Agtmael captured American presence in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2006 and 2013 in his new book "Disco Night Sept. 11."

He shares some images below. (Mouse over each image for a caption written by van Agtmael).

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Excerpted from Disco Night Sept. 11 by Peter van Agtmael . Copyright © 2014 by Peter van Agtmael. Reprinted by permission of Red Hook Editions. All Rights Reserved.

Disco Night Sept 11

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