Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Friday News Roundup - Domestic

The Friday News Roundup: The House and Senate offer competing bills on the border crisis. Federal courts issue conflicting rulings on Affordable Care Act subsidies. And a botched execution in Arizona renews debate over lethal injections.

President Barack Obama meets with Central American leaders today on strategies to stem the flow of migrant children to the border. Prospects for immigration legislation grow dim, with congress down to one week before recess. Two federal appeals courts issue conflicting rulings on the affordable care act, setting the stage for further challenges. David Perdue wins the GOP’s senate runoff in Georgia, pitting him against democrat Michelle Nunn in November. The midterm contest could decide control of the senate. And a botched execution in Arizona takes two hours, one of the longest deaths by lethal injection in U.S. history.


Manu Raju

senior congressional reporter, Politico.

Karen Tumulty

national political reporter, The Washington Post.

Chris Frates

Investigative correspondent, CNN.

Are Children At The U.S. Border Migrants Or Refugees?

There's a very specific legal definition those trying to claim status as refugees must meet in the United States--and it's not clear if children crossing the border from Central America meet it, Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty said Friday.

Watch the full discussion on the issue below.

Is American Democracy At A Turning Point?

With so much political gridlock, a listener during the Diane Rehm Show's Friday News Roundup wondered whether American democracy had reached a turning point.

Watch the panel discuss the issue below.

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