Brando Skyhorse: "Take This Man"

Brando Skyhorse as a child. - Courtesy.

Brando Skyhorse as a child.


Brando Skyhorse: "Take This Man"

Award-winning novelist Brando Skyhorse on his new memoir that explores his turbulent childhood.

Brando Skyhorse won the 2011 Pen-Hemingway award for his novel “The Madonnas of Echo Park.” It followed the lives of Mexican-Americans in a rough, but rapidly gentrifying Los Angeles neighborhood. In his latest book, Skyhorse returns to Echo Park, this time with the true story of his turbulent upbringing, a childhood surrounded by lies and half-truths. Abandoned by his Mexican father, he was raised by his mother and grandmother, also of Mexican descent, as a “full blooded Indian brave.” A series of five stepfathers floated in and out of his life,each presented as his new dad and each further splintering his notion of family.


Brando Skyhorse

author of "The Madonnas of Echo Park"

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Excerpted from "Take This Man: A Memoir" by Brando Skyhorse. © 2014. Simon & Schuster. All Rights Reserved.

Take This Man

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