Readers' Review: "The Secret History" By Donna Tartt

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Readers' Review: "The Secret History" By Donna Tartt

For our next Readers' Review: "The Secret History." Set on a college campus, a scholarship student joins a sophisticated clique that harbors dark secrets. Published in 1992, it's the first novel by Donna Tartt, winner of this year's Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Donna Tartt won this year's Pulitzer Prize for fiction for her novel "The Goldfinch." For our May Readers' Review, we chose the author's first novel, "The Secret History." Published in 1992, it has been described as not a who-dunnit but a why-dunnit. It begins with a murder. Bunny is dead -- at the bottom of a ravine near a private college in Vermont. His closest friends on campus are responsible. That includes Richard, the narrator, who recounts how he falls in with a group of wealthy students who engage in cult rituals and how their actions lead to tragedy for them all.


Rachel Louise Snyder

professor of creative writing and journalism at American University; author of "Fugitive Denim" and the novel "What We've Lost Is Nothing."

Eric Rutkow

attorney and historian; author of "American Canopy."

Emily Jeanne Miller

author; her first novel, "Brand New Human Being," was published in 2012.

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Excerpted from "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt. Copyright © 2014 by Donna Tartt and reprinted with permission of Vintage Books, a division of Random House, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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