Update On The Nigerian Schoolgirl Abduction

Update On The Nigerian Schoolgirl Abduction

Nigeria has accepted a U.S. offer to help rescue nearly 300 school girls abducted in the last month. The terrorist organization claiming responsibility says they have been taken as slaves. Guest host Susan Page talks with a panel of experts on the girls’ plight and the latest on efforts to save them.

Outrage over the abduction of nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls by an Islamic rebel group has grown worldwide. What began with small street protests by distraught parents and activists has been amplified with the help of social networks, where more than a million messages -- including one by U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama -- have been tagged with the demand “Bring Back Our Girls.” Nigeria has now accepted international offers of help to locate the girls. But some analysts warn they are likely scattered to neighboring countries. Guest host Susan Page and a panel of experts discuss the search for Nigeria’s missing girls and what can be done to find them.


Michelle Faul

Nigeria bureau chief, The Associated Press

Carl LeVan

Nigeria specialist and assistant professor at the School of International Service, American University

Robin Sanders

former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria (2007-10) and the Republic of Congo (2002-05).

Jacob Zenn

analyst, African and Eurasian Affairs, The Jamestown Foundation

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