The Battle For Political Control Of State Governments

The Battle For Political Control Of State Governments

Republicans have legislative majorities in 26 states and are working to build on that success. We discuss the battle for control of state governments and implications for environmental, economic and social policy.

For half a century, Democrats dominated state legislatures. Now Republicans do. They control the legislatures in 26 of the nation's 50 states. And the odds are good that this fall Republicans will build on the major gains they made in 2010. Having control of both the House and Senate in a state of course allows the party in power to push forward its agenda. Democrats are worried. They are already working to boost voter turnout in November, but it's an uphill battle. A discussion on what Republican control of more state legislatures could mean for environmental, economic and social policies -- and how Democrats plan to fight back.


Reid Wilson

staff writer, The Washington Post; he writes The Post's new political tipsheet email called "Read In."

Beth Reinhard

national politics reporter, The Wall Street Journal.

Tim Storey

elections analyst, National Conference of State Legislatures.

Alan Ehrenhalt

senior editor, Governing magazine.

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