Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Senate Republicans block a vote to increase the federal minimum wage, and the Department of Labor releases its April jobs report. A panel of journalists joins Diane to discuss this week's top US news.

The U.S. adds 288,000 jobs in April. That brings the unemployment rate down to 6.3 percent – the lowest in more than five years. The Department of Education for the first time releases a list of colleges and universities under investigation for allegedly mishandling sexual assault on campus. A day after the Senate blocks a hike in the federal minimum wage, Seattle’s mayor proposes to increase his city’s minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. If passed, it would be among the highest in the nation. And Oklahoma issues a timeline of the botched execution of a death row inmate. A panel of journalists joins Diane to discuss this week's top US news.


Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Washington correspondent, The New York Times.

John Prideaux

Washington correspondent, The Economist.

Molly Ball

staff writer, The Atlantic.

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With the release of the most recent jobs report, some analysts are starting to wonder whether the job market will ever return to way it was before the recession.

It's possible the recession sped up a structural change in the U.S. economy--one that hollows out the middle class, said John Prideaux, a correspondent for The Economist, on Diane Rehm's weekly domestic news program.

What we're seeing, he said, is more contract jobs and fewer full-time employment opportunities with things like sick leave and benefits, "something that is a bit worrying," he said.

More worrying is that few people seem to be offering solutions, Prideaux said; most conversation has felt like the same "old political fight."

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