Linn Ullmann: "The Cold Song"

 - Courtesy Other Press.

Courtesy Other Press.

Linn Ullmann: "The Cold Song"

"Cold Song" is a novel by Linn Ullmann, an award-winning Norwegian author, journalist and literary critic. Centered around the murder of a young woman, the book is a genre-bending tale of a family forced to confront their guilt, longings and losses.

Linn Ullmann is an award-winning Norwegian author, journalist and literary critic. Daughter of film legends Liv Ullman and Ingmar Bergman, she has been heralded for the complex, vulnerable characters that populate her genre-bending novels. Ullmann’s fifth and latest work, “The Cold Song,” has just been released in the U.S. It centers on the murder of a young au pair in a Norwegian seaside town. The novel’s true intrigue, however, lies not in the crime, but in the constellation of players whose memories, secrets, and insecurities are unearthed by the young woman’s death. A conversation with author Linn Ullmann about her latest novel, her writing career and how her parents' work influenced her own creative identity.


Linn Ullmann

author of five novels, including "The Cold Song."

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Read an excerpt from "The Cold Song" by Linn Ullmann. Copyright 2014 by Linn Ullmann. Published by Other Press. All rights reserved.

The Cold Song

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