George Saunders: "Congratulations, By The Way"

George Saunders: "Congratulations, By The Way"

"Congratulations, By The Way," a new book featuring author George Saunders' 2013 graduation speech at Syracuse University, challenges us to lead a life of kindness.

Fans of George Saunders know him best for his writing including his 2013 book of short stories “Tenth of December,” which The New York Times called “the best book you’ll read this year.” A few months after its publication, he received more accolades but this time for a much different reason—his convocation address at Syracuse University. The speech went viral and his words were soon embraced by people well beyond campus. Saunders message was simple: be more kind. But as he acknowledges, that is not always an easy assignment, especially for new graduates. Best-selling author George Saunders shares his thoughts on kindness with Diane.

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