A Special Readers' Review: A Celebration Of Poetry

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A Special Readers' Review: A Celebration Of Poetry

A special Readers' Review: three poets join Diane to help mark national poetry month. They'll read their own work, discuss their inspirations and talk about the role poetry plays in society.

American poet Carl Sandburg said, “poetry is the opening and closing of a door,” offering readers a glimpse into a moment, an experience, an emotion. Yet in our fast-paced world many of us rarely stop to take a look. For our April Readers’ Review we spend an hour doing just that. Our guides are three award-winning poets whose work traces the human experience through love, loss, politics, and war. They share their own poems, read the words of some the poets who inspire them and offer advice to readers who have difficulty finding enjoyment in verse. In celebration of National Poetry Month, an opportunity to slow down and experience what poetry has to offer.


E. Ethelbert Miller

poet; director, African American Resource Center at Howard University; board chair, Institute for Policy Studies.

Edward Hirsch

author of six books of poems and four books of prose, including the recent "A Poet's Glossary." He has received the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Prix de Rome, and a MacArthur Fellowship, and is president of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation.

Carolyn Forche

poet and professor at Georgetown University. She has written four books of poetry and edited two volumes, including the recent title "The Poetry of Witness: The Tradition in English, 1500-2001."

Featured Poems

Our guests on our April 23 show read select poems on air.

Carolyn Forche read her poem "The Lightkeeper."

Edward Hirsch read his poem "Special Orders."

And Diane Rehm read "Old Wives" by E.J. Mudd.

Old Wives

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