Violence In Public Places And How It Affects Our Sense of Security

Violence In Public Places And How It Affects Our Sense of Security

A gunman opened fire outside a Jewish community center and a nearby retirement community in suburban Kansas City, killing three people. That incident occurred just days after a mass stabbing at a Pennsylvania high school and another shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. On the eve of the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, Diane and her guests discuss how these continuing episodes of violence in public places affect our sense of security.

As this year’s Boston Marathon approaches, city officials are finalizing new security measures for the race. Despite the memory of last year’s bombing near the finish line, hundreds of thousands are expected to attend the event next week. Every day seems to bring a new incident of mass violence: on April 2nd there was another shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. On April 9th, 20 students were stabbed at a Pennsylvania high school. And April 13, a shooting outside of Kansas City killed two people in a crowded community center and one in a parking lot at a nearby retirement community. Diane and her guests discuss violence in public places and how it affects our sense of security.


Dr. Liza Gold

clinical professor of psychiatry, Georgetown University Medical Center and vice president, American Academy of Psychiatry & The Law.

Bruce Shapiro

executive director, Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma, Columbia University.

Caroline Hamilton

threat and risk assessment expert, Risk and Security, LLC.

Thomas Nolan

chair, Department of Criminal Justice at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Plattsburgh. Formerly senior policy adviser, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

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