The Worldwide Debate Over New Rules For The World Wide Web

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Flickr user steve.wilson

The Worldwide Debate Over New Rules For The World Wide Web

The European Parliament votes to keep Internet service providers from selectively blocking or slowing services like Netflix and Skype. In the US, critics speak out over plans to give up oversight of the Internet’s address book. Debate over new rules for the World Wide Web.

Last week the European Parliament voted on new rules to prevent Internet service providers from blocking or slowing down services like Skype and Netflix. Efforts to impose similar net neutrality rules in this country have, so far, failed to pass muster with the courts or attract enough support in Congress. But some lawmakers are speaking up with concerns about the future of the nonprofit organization which administers the Internet’s system of names and numbers. US oversight of this organization, ICANN, is scheduled to end in 2015. Join us for an update on the international debate over rules for the internet.


Laura DeNardis

professor, school of communication, American University

Cecilia Kang

technology reporter, The Washington Post.

Jeffrey Eisenach

director, Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Esther Dyson

chair, EDventure
founding chair, ICANN

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