Gail Caldwell: "New Life, No Instructions: A Memoir"

 - Courtesy of Gail Caldwel

Courtesy of Gail Caldwel

Gail Caldwell: "New Life, No Instructions: A Memoir"

Pulitzer-prize winner Gail Caldwell talks with Diane about her new memoir which highlights a dramatic turning point in her life.

When author Gail Caldwell was six months old, she was diagnosed with polio. It was – as she writes in her new memoir—one of the last years of the epidemic in the U.S. before the vaccine. Always a fighter, Caldwell learned to walk and found solace in the pool, where her legs were weightless. Despite a limp, living with polio hardly held her back. That’s until middle age, when she started falling and experiencing acute pain in her leg. When Caldwell goes to a doctor she learns the source of the problem isn’t actually polio but something else entirely…..that can be cured. Gail Caldwell joins Diane to talk about her new memoir, “New Life, No Instructions”.


Gail Caldwell

author, "New Life, No Instructions". She is the author of two previous memoirs, "Let's Take the Long Way Home" and "A Strong West Wind". She is a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism in 2001 for her work as chief book critic of the Boston Globe.

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An excerpt of "New Life, No Instructions: A Memoir" by Gail Caldwell. Copyright © 2014 by Gail Caldwell. Reprinted by permission of Random House. All Rights Reserved.

New Life, No Instructions: A Memoir

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