Update On The Affordable Care Act

Update On The Affordable Care Act

In the past week, Healthcare.gov saw a surge in visitors, ahead of the deadline for the first enrollment period. An update on the Affordable Care Act: the numbers, disparity among states and next steps.

The deadline for signing up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act expired at midnight last night. A surge in traffic on Healthcare.gov caused some problems for the website. But health officials say the last-minute sign-up rush could put the total number of enrollees beyond the 6 million that had been predicted by the Congressional Budget Office. Republican leaders continue to criticize the ACA. But supporters say the White House is vindicated by the enrollment numbers. Diane talks with a panel of health care experts about the first phase of the new health insurance law and challenges that lie ahead.


Susan Dentzer

senior policy adviser, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and on-air analyst on health issues, PBS NewsHour.

Mary Agnes Carey

senior correspondent, Kaiser Health News.

Juliet Eilperin

White House correspondent, The Washington Post.

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