President Jimmy Carter: "A Call To Action"

President Jimmy Carter: "A Call To Action"

Former President Jimmy Carter on why he believes bias against women is the world's most serious unaddressed challenge. He describes how social acceptance of violence and selective religious interpretations serve to reinforce discrimination and abuse, and what he believes can be done to right this long-standing wrong.

President Jimmy Carter, our 39th president, has set a high bar for post-presidential accomplishments: He’s written more than 24 books, been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and continues to work to solve problems around the world. In recent years, he says he’s "become convinced that the most serious and unaddressed worldwide challenge is the deprivation and abuse of women and girls." It's a problem that he says is connected to the misinterpretation of selected religious texts and a general acceptance of violence and warfare. Join Diane for a conversation with President Jimmy Carter on his call to action for women and girls.


President Jimmy Carter

39th President of the United States, recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, founder of the Carter Center and bestselling author.

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Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter joined Diane on March 26, 2014, to discuss why he believes bias against women is the world's most serious unaddressed challenge.

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Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday he was disappointed in the Affordable Care Act -- both "the way it was done and the complexity it assumed."

The 39th president told Diane that, "instead of taking a leadership role from the White House and saying 'this is what we think is best,'" the program was crafted by congressional committees, which yielded "the most complex system."

What he would have preferred: The expansion of Medicare to include Americans of all ages.

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