Implications Of A World Without Snow

Implications Of A World Without Snow

Since the 1970s, the rate of winter warming per decade in the U.S. has accelerated significantly. Why some say it's time to think about the implications of a world without snow.

Ski resorts often depend on snow making machines to provide what nature has not: snow, but snow making equipment can’t work if temperatures rise above the freezing mark and the world is getting warmer. Climatologists report that since 1970 the rate of warming per decade is three times what it was for the previous seventy five years. In a recent piece for the New York Times journalist and skier Porter Fox writes about ‘A World Without Snow’, but as farmers and other California residents are painfully aware, it’s not just skiers who have a lot on the line in a changing climate: Please join us to discuss implications of a warmer world


Gavin Schmidt

climatologist and climate modeler, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Coral Davenport

climate and energy reporter, The New York Times.

Porter Fox

features editor, Powder Magazine and author of "Deep: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow."

Mark Svoboda

climatologist, National Drought Mitigation Center.

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