Isabel Allende: "Ripper"

Isabel Allende: "Ripper"

Best-selling author Isabel Allende is known for her historical fiction and magic realism. But her new novel is a thriller about a brilliant teenage sleuth who tracks a serial killer in San Francisco.

Chilean-American novelist Isabel Allende is one of the most successful Latin American writers of all time. Winner of 50 awards in more than 15 countries, her books have sold more than 60 million copies worldwide. Allende is known for writing historical fiction in the magic realism tradition. But her new novel is a marked departure from her usual genre. A work of crime fiction, it’s the story of a brilliant teenage girl who tracks a serial killer in San Francisco. She gets help from her beloved grandfather and a group of online companions. Diane discusses "Ripper," a new novel from best-selling author Isabel Allende.


Isabel Allende

author of 11 works of fiction, four memoirs and a trilogy of children's novels.

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Isabel Allende discusses what made her reconsider retirement from writing novels and instead write her first work of crime fiction, "Ripper." She also talks about an unsuccessful attempt to work with her husband, a mystery author. "Art in general is not something you can do with a partner. It's very hard because the creative process is so organic, so personal, so intimate. How are you going to share that?" Allende said.

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Trailer for "Ripper" by Isabel Allende.

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