Martin Cruz Smith: "Tatiana"

Panorama of Kaliningrad, Russia.
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Panorama of Kaliningrad, Russia.

Martin Cruz Smith: "Tatiana"

Martin Cruz Smith is best known for using crime fiction to expose the dark side of contemporary Russia. The author of "Gorky Park" talks with Diane about his latest novel based on the mysterious death of a real-life Russian journalist.

Martin Cruz Smith does not receive a warm welcome at the airport when he visits Russia. His Arkady Renko series features a fictional Russian police investigator who has slipped from favor because he refused to join what Smith calls, “the conspiracy of duplicity.” The American author of “Gorky Park” has just written his eighth novel in the series. It’s based on the mysterious death of a real-life reporter who pursued stories on political corruption in Vladimir Putin’s government. Smith believes she was killed for doing so. Smith speaks with Diane about his latest novel, “Tatiana,” and why he worried it wouldn’t get written at all.


Martin Cruz Smith

award-winning author of "Gorky Park" and "Tatiana"

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From TATIANA by Martin Cruz Smith. Copyright © 2013 by Martin Cruz Smith. Reprinted by permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc, NY.

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