How Changes To The Affordable Care Act Could Affect Consumers And Insurance Companies

How Changes To The Affordable Care Act Could Affect Consumers And Insurance Companies

In the face of mounting criticism, President Barack Obama announced changes to the rules for health insurance policies. Political and economic implications of the administration's temporary retreat on a key element of the Affordable Care Act.

Last month, insurance companies sent cancellation letters to hundreds of thousands of individuals and small businesses. Policies held by these customers did not offer all the essential benefits required by the new health care law. After mounting criticism from Republicans and fellow Democrats, President Obama announced last week that these plan holders would be allowed to keep their policies for one year. But many states have refused to comply with the president’s order. They say it would disrupt their insurance exchanges by allowing young, healthy people to opt out. How changes to the Affordable Care Act will affect consumers and insurance providers.


Julie Rovner

health policy correspondent, NPR; author of "Health Care Policy and Politics A-Z."

Ron Pollack

executive director, Families USA.

Joseph Antos

Wilson H. Taylor scholar in health care and retirement policy at the American Enterprise Institute; health adviser to the Congressional Budget Office.

Audrey Tayce-Haynes

Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services for the state of Kentucky

William Hoagland

senior vice president, Bipartisan Policy Center; former vice president of Public Policy, CIGNA Corporation and former top aide to Senator Bill Frist

Michael Kreidler

insurance commissioner for the state of Washington

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