Friday News Roundup - Domestic

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Susan Page
Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Low enrollment in insurance exchanges spurs calls to change the health care law. Senate Republicans block another Obama court nominee. And congressional hearings begin on the nomination of Janet Yellen to chair the Federal Reserve. A panel of reporters join guest host Susan Page to discuss the week in news.

Under pressure from the public and his own party, President Barack Obama moved to allow insurers to restore canceled health policies for another year. House Republicans are expected to pass a bill today that the White House warns could dramatically undermine the Affordable Care Act. The White House released disappointingly low numbers of those who have now signed up for health insurance through the law’s new websites. The Senate blocks another Obama nominee to the District of Columbia Circuit Court. And Janet Yellen defends Federal Reserve policies during her confirmation hearing. A panel of reporters join guest host Susan Page to discuss the week in news.


Karen Tumulty

national political reporter, The Washington Post.

Greg Ip

U.S. economics editor, The Economist and author of "The Little Book of Economics: How the Economy Works in the Real World."

Jeff Mason

White House correspondent, Reuters.

Featured Clip

The panel reacts to a Roll Call article criticizing Federal Reserve chair nominee Janet Yellen for wearing the same outfit at her nomination hearing as she wore when President Barack Obama announced her nomination. Jeff Mason of Reuters pointed out that the media continues to comment on the appearance of many women in powerful positions, including Hillary Clinton. Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty pointed out the inequality Yellen faces, noting that former Ben Bernanke didn't face judgment over his attire during his congressional confirmation. "It's 2013, it's not 1953, and the fact that very distinguished women nominees for big offices are still having their clothing commented on is distressing," said guest host Susan Page.

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