The Rollout Of Obamacare

The Rollout Of Obamacare

Health insurance exchanges are scheduled to launch on Tuesday despite technical glitches and political sparring over their funding. Diane and her guests discuss the rollout of Obamacare.

The federal government is on the verge of a partial shutdown –- the first in nearly two decades. The Affordable Care Act is at the center of the political fight. Early yesterday, the House of Representatives approved a measure to delay President Barack Obama’s signature health law for one year and repeal a tax on medical devices. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Senate will reject that proposal today. Beginning tomorrow, despite the threatened shutdown and a predication of technical glitches, millions of Americans are expected to visit the online markets to shop for health plans and see if they qualify for federal subsidies. Diane and her guests discuss the rollout of Obamacare.


Julie Rovner

health policy correspondent, NPR; author of "Health Care Policy and Politics A-Z."

Mary Agnes Carey

senior correspondent, Kaiser Health News.

Susan Davis

congressional correspondent, USA Today.

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