Bill Bryson: "One Summer: America, 1927"

Bill Bryson: "One Summer: America, 1927"

Bestselling author Bill Bryson joins us to talk about his newest book, "One Summer: America, 1927." He details the events that transfixed the nation in that year including Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight, Babe Ruth in the batter's box and epic floods in the Mississippi basin. Join us to talk about America in 1927 and how many of the key news stories of that year resonate today.

The summer of 1927 isn’t a year that particularly stands out in U.S. history books, but it was, as writer Bill Bryson explains, a crucial one in America’s past. A previously unknown young man, Charles Lindbergh, crossed the Atlantic. Babe Ruth transfixed a nation with a home run record that endured for decades. And an epic flood of the Mississippi River prompted the first ever massive federal relief effort. In a new book, Bryson details these and other events of the summer of 1927 and their long lasting legacy.


Bill Bryson

journalist and author.

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