Friday News Roundup - Domestic

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Susan Page
Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post, Todd Purdum of Politico and Janet Hook of the Wall Street Journal join guest host Susan Page for analysis of the week's top national news stories, including: a new House plan to avert a government shutdown, Treasury's warning that the debt ceiling limit will be reached by Oct. 17 and prices are set for the new federally-run health care marketplaces.

Pressure is building for Congress to approve a spending measure and prevent a government shutdown at midnight on Monday. Another nerve-wracking deadline looms on Oct. 17, when the Treasury Department says the nation is likely to run out of money to pay its bills. Enrollment in the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges begins Oct. 1, and President Barack Obama says he won't negotiate delays or other Republican demands to keep the government operating. The FBI and Navy release documents on the motives of the Navy Yard shooter. And former President George H.W. Bush is a witness at a same-sex marriage ceremony.


Ruth Marcus

columnist and editorial writer, The Washington Post.

Todd Purdum

senior writer for Politico and contributing editor at Vanity Fair

Janet Hook

congressional correspondent, The Wall Street Journal.

Featured Clip

Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas-R) spoke to the U.S. Senate this week for more than 21 hours to advocate defunding the Affordable Care Act. Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post called his speech a "Cruz-athon", adding that it wasn't technically a filibuster and wasn't meant to stop a vote. "He may be the best known freshman senator of all time because he has just thrust himself front and center, [and] alienated pretty much every one of his colleagues," Marcus said.

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