New Research On Stroke Rehabilitation And Recovery

New Research On Stroke Rehabilitation And Recovery

Every year, strokes disable more than 650,000 people. Guest host Susan Page discusses new research on stroke rehabilitation and recovery.

Strokes kill an estimated 130,000 Americans a year, but fast access to medical treatment can and does save lives. Stroke survivors typically face a number of physical and cognitive disabilities including the inability to speak. For years doctors believed that if a patient could not regain language within a few months to a year after a stroke, prospects for further recovery were limited. But now it’s known that stroke victims, as with those who suffer other types of brain injuries, can continue to make progress years after the initial injury. Guest host Susan Page and stroke rehabilitation experts talk about the recovery process.


Dr. Peter Turkeltaub

assistant professor of neurology and director, Cognitive Recovery Lab and medical director, Center for Aphasia Research and Rehabilitation, Georgetown University Medical Center.

Dr Alex Dromerick

director, Neuroscience Research Center and director, Comprehensive Stroke Research Program, MedStar National Rehabilitation Network.

Audrey Holland

professor of speech and hearing sciences, University of Arizona.

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