Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Guest Host:

Steve Roberts
Friday News Roundup - Domestic

A panel of journalists joins guest host Steve Roberts for our Friday News Roundup of the week's top national stories, including: congressional reaction to the possibility of military strikes on Syria, House Speaker John Boehner's expectation of a fight over raising the debt limit and Army Maj. Nidal Hasan's death sentence.

A bipartisan group of nearly 200 lawmakers are asking President Barack Obama for congressional approval for military action in Syria. The White House says the president has authority to make his own decision. A secret budget obtained by NSA leaker Edward Snowden and released to The Washington Post reveals new details about operations within the U.S. intelligence community. The president marks the 50th anniversary of the March On Washington. And the budget wars resume after a summer ceasefire. A panel of experts joins guest host Steve Roberts for the domestic hour of the Friday news roundup.


Ron Elving

senior Washington editor for NPR.

Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Washington correspondent for The New York Times.

Jeff Mason

White House correspondent at Reuters.

Featured Clip

This week marked the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. President Barack Obama and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter delivered speeches at the Lincoln Memorial commemorating the historic march. A caller to The Diane Rehm Show said she attended the 2013 rally and was disappointed that no Republican presidents attended the event. Ron Elving of NPR said, "I don't believe it was a Democratic pep rally but it could be portrayed as that." New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg said the lack of Republican elected officials appeared to be the result of miscommunication and happenstance, rather than an organized attempt to distance themselves from the march.

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