Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Texting while driving caused nearly 200,000 car accidents in 2011. Filmmaker Werner Herzog spotlights the problem with a new public service announcement.

Werner Herzog is not a name one would associate with a public service campaign. But the filmmaker who made evocative pieces about Antarctica and a man living with grizzly bears has taken on a much different, and equally haunting, topic: texting while driving. And the public is paying attention. The film has now been viewed nearly 2 million times on YouTube. But with 75 percent of teens admitting that texting while driving is common, experts say there is a long way to go before people change their behavior behind the wheel. Guest host Steve Roberts and our guests discuss the dangers of texting while driving.


Ashley Halsey III

transportation reporter for The Washington Post.

Jonathan Adkins

deputy executive director at Governors Highway Safety Association.

Paul Atchley

professor of psychology at University of Kansas.

Charlie Klauer

research scientist at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

Michelle Kuckelman

executive director at AT&T.

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